Corporate Wellness

For Their Health and Your Company's Future

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why corporate wellness? 

Whether you call it Workplace Wellness, Employee Wellness or Corporate Wellness, it’s here to stay and the more you embrace it, the more you and your company stand to gain from it. Wellness programming, when well executed has the potential to yield mutually beneficial results for both employees and employers alike.



for their health and your company's future! 


these broad reaching benefits can:

  • Boost productivity and morale
  • Save your organization money (decreasing healthcare costs)
  • Improve employer brand
  • Build loyalty among existing employees
  • Make you an employer of choice, particularly among younger workers
  • Create a culture of health and promote camaraderie between coworkers


we can help you build a more dynamic wellness program.

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Repurpose your real estate!

Do you have wasted space somewhere in your building?

Over the years, we’ve found that most businesses have some degree of underutilized space within their offices.Of course every business and every building is different, but more often than not, space can be found within your existing building that can be converted into an on-site Wellness Center. Even if you don’t have the space to spare for a permanently dedicated gym with spin bikes and large scale resistance training equipment, chances are our staff can help you find a way to work with the space you do have to at least accommodate portable equipment such as yoga mats, light dumbbells, resistance bands or suspension training equipment that can be used before or after work, or even during lunch breaks, with a quick reorganizing of work space.

Do You Have a POst problem? 

Research data suggests that prolonged occupational sitting time (POST) of four hours or more poses a significant health risk for desk-based employees regardless of age, race or gender. Currently desk-based employees spend an average of 80,000 hours sitting during the course of their careers.

Research findings suggest that negative workplace attributes like absenteeism and presenteeism may reduce employee
longevity…all stemming from long bouts of sedentary behavior!

Reducing POST by introducing regularly scheduled physical activity during the workday, such as the type of on site classes and online tutorials that we offer, provides an innovative solution for improving employee health and productivity.



75% of chronic disease is preventable through lifestyle changes.

(such as the type we recommend in our wellness programs)